Republicans in Congress are gutless, heartless fools who love guns and violence

Every time a gun is used to massacre Americans, Republicans in Congress admonish the nation that now is not the time to pursue legislation to address the mass killing of innocent citizens by deranged gunmen. Newly elected Republican Speaker MAGA Mike Johnson told Sean Hannity that the real problem is “the human heart, not guns,” so no, now is not the time to do anything about guns.

John Gruber at Daring Fireball comments:

This “now is not the time” argument gets trotted out by Republicans after each and every gun massacre. Right after their tweets offering “thoughts and prayers”. Bullshit. The aftermath of a massacre is the time to demand sane gun control measures. That’s when the issue is clarified. Would Republicans argue that October 8 was “not the right time” for Israel to discuss Hamas terrorism? Was September 12, 2001 “not the right time” to discuss Al-Qaeda? Should FDR have delivered an address to the nation on December 8, 1941, advising that we relax, let cooler heads prevail, because the aftermath of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor “was not the time” to consider retaliating?


Republicans in Congress are vile and have no business serving in government.

Posted 27 October 2023 by Mark ·

Fall in Ashland

We’ve been transitioning fully into fall this past week. Colors in the park are on fire. But the real sign of the onset of fall here is the installation of the temporary ice skating rink on Winburn Way. The big tent is going up and they are putting the pieces together to level the parking lot in preparation for freezing the rink.

Posted 26 October 2023 by Mark ·

Sunday Hike

Anna and I needed a little hike this morning, so after breakfast we popped up to Mt. Ashland for a nice mountain walk. There as a pretty stiff breeze and from the trail we could see both Mt. Shasta and Mt. McLaughlin. The dusting of snow last week still topped McLaughlin and Shasta looks like it still has snow from last year.

Posted 15 October 2023 by Mark ·