Coffee Guys

A few months ago my mother-in-law’s 90+ year old boyfriend invited me to join a group of guys who drink coffee at the Rogue Valley Roasting Company every morning at 8:00 AM. I had just had my hip replaced and I was about to retire. In fact, the first time I ventured out of our house after my hip surgery was to walk down to the coffee house to meet this group.

These guys are all a bit older than me, but I felt like I had found my people. They like coffee. They ride bikes. They like Biden. We have so much in common. Conversation ranges from discussion about artificial intelligence to the proper care of chickens and the benefits of fresh eggs. (One of the guys has a small flock of chickens and has fresh eggs to sell.) Sometimes the conversation shifts to religion, or to construction projects.

This is what I hoped retirement would be. Friends who keep me challenged and inspired. A reason to get going each morning. What joy!

Posted 17 April 2023 by Mark ·