"Nothing is more dangerous than ambition with no qualifications."

Juan Cole is a leading expert on the Middle East. That’s actual expert, in the real world sense, not “expert” in the faux, John-McCain-thinks-Sara-Palin-knows-more-about-energy-than-anybody-in-America sense.

We did not have a lot of money when I was growing up and I went to Northwestern on a scholarship. My background isn’t so different from hers. But Palin futzed around at this campus and that, at one point switching from a university in Hawaii because the campus was on the rainy side of the island. How frivolous! She isn’t well educated and doesn’t appear to have thought it was important to become so. She has never shown any interest in the world at large, which she now wants to run. She is clearly ambitious, but nothing is more dangerous than ambition with no qualifications.

Juan Cole’s Informed Comment is a must-read blog for anyone interested in understanding the real political issues in the middle east. The above quote comes from his reaction to Palin’s celebrity interview with Charlie Gibson. The whole article is worth reading. ยป

Posted 12 September 2008 by Mark ·