Only in Theaters

Last night, for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I watched a movie in a movie theater. Anna and I walked to the Varsity for the 7:00PM showing of the new Indiana Jones film. The movie was essentially one long chase scene with a few short dialog breaks. Harrison Ford layered on a curmudgeonly veneer, but Indy seems still to have a taste for adventure. There were many bits in the film that referenced earlier bits in the series, and the appearance of a couple of the actors from the first film reinforced the impression that this was a farewell to the franchise.

Seeing a movie at the Varsity is one of the better bargains in town. The kid at the counter applied the senior discount to our tickets without being asked, so we enjoyed the two and a half hours of action in the cozy little metroplex for just $7.50 apiece. And with the outdoor temperature hovering in the high 80s, the air conditioning in the theater was refreshing.

Posted 3 July 2023 by Mark ·