It’s the thing to do. Endorse a candidate for president. Joe the Plumber did it. Colin Powell did it. Newspapers do it. And now, I’m is going to do it.

The editorial board held a meeting over coffee this morning. We discussed the pros and cons of each candidate. We reflected on the strategies each campaign employed, and listened to a couple of commercials. We thought back to the day we saw Barack Obama speak to a small but enthusiastic crowd on the bank of the Mississippi river last year, well before the Iowa caucuses and before he became the nominee of the Democratic party. We tried to imagine what our lives would be like in the event that John McCain and Sarah Palin won the election. Then we hopped in the car, drove to downtown Rock Island, parked in front of the county office building and walked up the front steps to cast our votes (yeah — a few days early) for our endorsee.

We agreed that one candidate was really a better choice than the other. One candidate reflects our values and ideals. One candidate appeals to our better nature. He speaks directly to our optimism about the future. One candidate has demonstrated that he can keep his wits about him, even as he’s being attacked by an opponent who has mistaken cynicism and racism for American values.

It was a unanimous decision. The editorial board is proud to announce that we are endorsing Barack Obama to become the 44th President of the United States.

Please Vote!

Posted 30 October 2008 by Mark ·